In the Midst of Things

Few words suffice for he who understands.

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It's Ren, the antithesis, in the last teen spring, waiting for a ship sailing to Neverland. A poor, uninteresting, temperamental, gender-bending, mentally unstable (and corrupted) part-time university student who seriously suffers the lack of calcium that turns her into Domyouji. Except those riches. She've had failed blogging for, like, 66236598x already, turning journals into defunct cyberwastes. Her life is dull and boring at its peak at the moment, but it would be awesome too someday and the ambiguous that she is will be able to write about how she is enjoying her life. WAIT. NO. THAT WAS JUST ME TRYING TO THINK POSITIVE WHUT. Alas, you've stumbled upon this wasteland. Welcome, and please pardon the foolishness. I suck at writing as much as I suck at expressing myself as much as I suck at life. I like Tsumabuki Satoshi, moobs Yamashita Tomohisa with Ikuta Toma coming close in second (Tomapi?), boys flirting with each other, Romeo and the Black Brothers, fairytales, glow-in-the-dark, fancy lights, labyrinths, Adam Lambert, Peter Pan, rainbows and costume drama---just in case you bother gifting me. This journal would seem to consist a bit of fangirly excursions and thoughts no one would bother reading. Way to go, man. And ah, I'm a maniac. Just so you know. LOL.

(Chinese: 仁; Pinyin: rén)
to "see nothing improper, hear nothing improper, say nothing improper, do nothing improper"
is "close to man and never leaves him"
is "how two people should treat one another"
is "the Confucian route to the 'Golden Rule'"

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